PC Point-About Us

COMPANY Information

PC POINT emerged out of the vision to grow as a Rational Solution Provider to the ever-growing Computer Hardware & Software consumers around. One small stem initiated career as subordinator in the Diamond city called Surat. Service and experience motivated him to establish his own firm in May’2002. So that he can implement better solutions and business view to float and blossom his career independently.


MR.SARKAR TOTAN 32 years old, mechanical engineer from Ramakrishna missions Kolkata, skilled in diagnosis and cheep label repairing of Computer peripherals software and Networking Solutions. He is the key management executive to decide the business strategies. He is leading the divisions for procuring the hardware from the vendors, assembling, installations, troubleshooting through his analytical approach to suite the spot solution. Expert in Mother-board, LCD, Inkjet or Laser Printer repairs. Having extensive hands on Practice.


Our Values

  • Openness and Trust.
  • Integrity and Reliability.
  • Commitment to work.
  • Team-work and Collaboration.

Customer Service

Providing the best service to the customers is the sole duty of the PC Point Company. We believe that the customers are not the outsiders of the business, but they are the part of our business. Providing them the best service would not only grow up our business, but also our relationship.
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